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The following publications have been approved by the
ROI Juan A. del Regato Fund
to be accessed by others in hope to find cures and as a record of history

Biographies about
Juan A. del Regato, M.D.

A brief history of Juan A. del Regato from birth through 1973. Includes personal note from Inez Hunt, chronology, a word from Juan, illustrations and curriculum vitae

Cancer Seminar

The Cancer Seminars are historical documents based on information shared at annual seminars. They reflect the current research and treatment at the time of publicatoin and date back to the late 1940's.

English Language Publications

English Publications by Juan A. del Regato, M.D.: biographies, medical studies, history, obituaries and other articles.


Clinical Subjects 1937 - 1980
English Publications

Presentations, articles and reports on clinical subjects.

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