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Founded in 1974, the ROI Juan A. del Regato Fund works to foster a sense of global unity and direction, and to sustain this directive well into the second century of radiation oncology. The Fund carries on in the spirit of its founder, seeking to improve communication and education in radiation oncology worldwide, as well as to encourage historical works on the field.

Since 1977 the fund has sponsored annual lectures by distinguished members of the field from throughout the world.  With the generous cooperation of host institutions, the lectures have covered diverse topics, but have each reflected the twinned aspirations of radiation oncology: the development of the science of the field and enhancement of the art of healing. Lecturers receive the Fund’s medal, honoring both the occasion of the address and their lifetime contribution to the field.


Juan A. del Regato, MD, and invention:
Regato Localizer


"If you are going to drink from the well you ought to know who dug it."

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